The Dr. Seuss of raps has really been going places. From Cincinnati to Atlanta, YoS#! (Yoshi) has been in the rap game for little while now but already has the rap streets buzzing. His single, “Fuck Arounds,” has topped underground hip hop music charts for months, making it a hit in the Indie music world. Bossip  Magazine wrote an article about him calling him The Bizarro Trap Hero because of his unique style ( . Also known as The Cat in the Hat who can Rap, Yoshi wears a top hat, two different shoes, and two watches and his rap style ranges, giving each song, each performance a different vibe. He even took part in the Guinness World Record the (24 hour cypher) event at A3C ( ). Also being number one ranked artist of A3C17 reciving more likes then Nas via A3C app ( ). 

Y0$#! (YOSHI), born Christopher Jackson, is a Cincinnati, Ohio 
native currently navigating his way through Atlanta’s underground 
scene. The rapper and entertainer, also known as the ‘Cat in the 
Hat That Can Rap’, is taking his infectious stage presence from 
State to State, keeping his signature top hat by his side. 
Yoshi is a stand out amongst Atlanta’s rising acts with his unique 
twist on the typical “trap” music often found there. The rapper 
describes his sound as “Sophisticatedly Ignorant”, which is the 
best way to describe his ability to share real life experiences over 
hard hitting production. He combines Hip Hop and EDM elements 
on tracks like “Only In My Mind” and his latest project Goofi Juice 
5. With several releases under his belt, Y0$#! is currently pushing 
his most recent single “ All Eye Know”, which is yet another 
high energy track. 
Going from homeless to press worthy, Y0$#! has hit major festival 
stages across the United States including SXSW in Austin,TX and 
Atlanta’s prominent A3C Festival and Conference where he was 
voted as one of the most liked artists by fans in 2018. Y0$#! has 
opened up for the Migos, 2 Chainz, Da Baby, Jadakiss and Sean 
Paul and the high energy that his music conjures up further 
validates his role in this ever changing hip hop era. 
Y0$#! stands out not only in his performances, but in his ability to 
bring people of all backgrounds together. Under Yoshi Crew, he 
throws parties and events with his team of creatives, artists, and 
promoters whose focus is to create a welcoming atmosphere for 
the “weird”, “peculiar” and everyone in between. He has built a 
solid online presence gaining him the opportunity to be the official 
voice of the new ‘This is It’ ad for the popular restaurant in Atlanta. 
Nonetheless, Y0$#!’s presence is known and felt on and offline 
and looking to gain even more ground in 2020. Y0$#! is steadily 
carving his spot in the city’s already talented filled landscape.

To hear more of Y0$#! (Yoshi), listen to his music on several streaming stations to include Pandora Radio, Spotify, Apple and iHeart Radio. Don’t forget to check out his latest project, “Peep da Signs ft Stendo 3x ” . When this “Cat in the Hat That Can Rap” is on the mic, you can always anticipate your crowd being entertained. To check out more of him visit his website and follow him on instagram @Kingyoshiman and snapchat..