The Dr. Seuss of raps has really been going places. From Cincinnati to Atlanta, YoS#! (Yoshi) has been in the rap game for little while now but already has the rap streets buzzing. His single, “Fuck Arounds,” has topped underground hip hop music charts for months, making it a hit in the Indie music world. Bossip  Magazine wrote an article about him calling him The Bizarro Trap Hero because of his unique style ( . Also known as The Cat in the Hat who can Rap, Yoshi wears a top hat, two different shoes, and two watches and his rap style ranges, giving each song, each performance a different vibe. He even took part in the Guinness World Record the (24 hour cypher) event at A3C ( ). Also being number one ranked artist of A3C17 reciving more likes then Nas via A3C app ( ). 

You can check out Yoshi’s new video " Drunk off the Goofi Juice ft Chinaman Hustle " here - . . You won’t hear him rapping about the same thing everyone else is rapping about just to get a couple of likes and shares, he’s on his own wave.  From opening for Migos, 2 Chainz, Dababy, Silento, Goodie Mob, Jhonni Blaze, Scotty Atl, Zoë Dollaz, Tuki Carter1, Sean Paul of the Young Bloodz and more. This man of many talents, Y0$#! (Yoshi) ”The Cat in Da Hat” is a rapping mastermind of his time. An animated impressionist, who knows how to get the crowd incredibly hype, he stands out from your typical music artist as he does not just spew lyrics, but creates the unique sound effects that follow. Y0$#!’s (Yoshi) works are an authentic mix of EDM, rock, hip-hop and a few animated sounds mastered together to deliver one exceptional sound. 

To hear more of Y0$#! (Yoshi), listen to his music on several streaming stations to include Pandora Radio, Spotify, Apple and iHeart Radio. Don’t forget to check out his latest project, “Peep da Signs ft Stendo 3x ” . When this “Cat in the Hat That Can Rap” is on the mic, you can always anticipate your crowd being entertained. To check out more of him visit his website and follow him on instagram @Kingyoshiman and snapchat..